Tinos Luxury Accommodation

The symbolic names, inspired by the divine Blessed Virgins of the Cycladic islands, define the philosophy of the lodgings. Stately but austere, traditional but modern, the dwellings stand as proud bulwarks of the island of the Holy Mother as they gaze outwards to Mykonos. White Tinos offers the ultimate choice for suites in Tinos, providing unparalleled luxury and comfort in Tinos.

Facilities and Accommodation Services in Tinos

The facilities and services of our suites in Tinos offer a luxurious accommodation experience for our guests.

Breakfast in Tinos

Breakfast is provided daily, ensuring a start full of energy. Organic eggs, seasonal fruits, various pastries and fresh bread from the village bakery, local products, homemade jams, Tinos honey, and fragrant pancakes are some of the items you will enjoy on your platter. With a spacious and comfortable sleeping area, bathrooms equipped with toiletries, a cozy living area with a fireplace, and a television, you will feel right at home.

Fully Equipped Villas with Appliances

The kitchen provides the necessary flexibility for meal preparation and food storage. Additionally, we offer free Wi-Fi and provide a hairdryer and iron for your personal care, while daily room cleaning is also available.

Indulge in luxury at our Tinos Accommodation suites. Discover elegance and comfort with our lavish amenities and bespoke accommodations.