Explore the best villages of Tinos

Tinos is an island known for its beautiful beaches, lively Hora (main town) and incredible food, as well as the devoutness of its iconic cathedral – the Church of Panagia Evangelistria (or Our Lady of Tinos), a major pilgrimage site for Orthodox Christians. And to that list deserve to be added its villages. There are more than 40 villages in Tinos – some in the hills and others by the coast, but all taking you to an idyllic scene of alleyways, cobblestone streets and a combination of white-cubed houses and bougainvillea-filled courtyards for which the Cyclades islands are famed. You’ll also get to taste local delicacies in traditional coffee houses and tavernas and discover Tinos’ centuries-old marble sculpting tradition. As you explore the countryside, look out for the dovecotes (pigeon houses) harking back to Venetian times, basket-weavers and museums that tell the tale of the island’s unique history. So whatever time of year you are planning your holidays in Tinos, make sure to add the villages to your itinerary.